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Grandfathered Licensees & GDOs:
Grandfathered primary modality licensees and General Diagnostic Operators have unique continuing education requirement set and approved by the Board, due upon each renewal cycle. These licensees have already received their unique requirements from the Board office. If you have not received your letter, please contact the office immediately.

**DUE at each renewal cycle**

*This is in effect NOW during the current (2018-2019) licensure cycle for the upcoming renewal (2020-2021) cycle.


Grandfathering Board authority and requirements of renewal for General Diagnostic Operators NDCC 43-62-14(7); NDAC 114-02-01-10 and 114-02-02-03.

7. The board may establish unique individualized licensing and practice standards and requirements for an applicant who does not meet the licensure requirements to receive a license in at least one primary modality of medical imaging or radiation therapy under subsection 2, or who meets the licensure requirements for one primary modality but not for another primary modality the applicant desires to practice.

a. The board may grant a license limited to one or more modalities practiced by an applicant for three or more of the five years preceding January 1, 2017. The board may establish standards and requirements for the licensee designed to maintain reasonable access to public services and to promote public safety, including continuing education. A license granted for a specified modality under this subdivision expires and may not be renewed if the licensee attains a license in that modality under subsection 2 or 4.


If you have questions regarding eligibility of being grandfathered of a primary modality, please contact the Board office.

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