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Application Checklist for Initial and Endorsement Applications

Application Checklist for initial and endorsement applications

Please review the application checklist before applying for a license. The Board has an increase in incomplete applications and background checks. 

Some of common errors include:

  • Not having the correct payable on the payment for the background check. The Board requires a check or money order for $41.25 payable to ND Attorney General.
  • Not signing the check or money order. Make sure you have signed it and have also dated the check with the correct date and year. The Board cannot alter a check or money order. 
  • Make sure your fingerprint cards and forms are complete including your signature on the fingerprint cards and BCI form; and the fingerprint technician's signature and date fingerprinted on the fingerprint cards.
  • Make sure to include your citizenship document with your online application. Files in Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word or a JPEG are the most acceptable formats.
  • Include your current registry information. 
  • If you are license in another state, you are required to email the Board office your online verifications with other states.   
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