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Information for Cath Labs

Cardiovascular Invasive Specialists (CIS) and Cardiac Electrophysiology Specialists (CES) MUST be registered with Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI) or obtain a NDMIRTB Conditional license and work toward their CCI registry.

NDAC 114-02-01-05 and 114-02-01-06 -Biennially (two-year) shall complete 12 hours of flouroscopy safety and relevant radiation protection continuing education; must be RCEEM eligible and acceptable as registry appropriate contact hours. (If not accepted by your national registry it will not be accepted by the NDMIRTB.)

This is a requirement for state license renewal and is also ND Law. All documentation MUST be submitted upon each renewal.

Licensure requirements are for only those individuals PERFORMING imaging (“panning” and activation of fluoroscopy is considered performing medical imaging). If you are NOT “panning” or activating fluoroscopy you do not need to be licensed in ND.

The Board realizes that each facility has its own policies of whom may performing imaging in the cath lab, but ND state law is clear, if performing imaging you must be licensed.
If you are license as both RCIS & RCES, you will need 24 hours of continuing education. 
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