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Continuing Education compliance is ND state law and a requirement of renewals. During the 2017 Legislative session, continuing education became a requirement of licensure.

You are required to be CE compliant ONLY in those modalities you are currently practicing.


You will be earning CE hours during this 2020-2021 (January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2021) NDMIRTB licensure cycle to ensure you will be in CE compliance for the next  2022-2023 renewal cycle.

“Biennially shall complete five hours of continuing education in each modality of current practice”. – NDAC 114-02-01-04(2a)



The following modalities will be monitored for CE Compliance ONLY and NOT the requirement of an advanced certification:

* Cardiac-interventional (CI)                     * Cardio-vascular Interventional (CV)                      

* Computed Tomography (CT)                * Mammography (M)

* Quality Management (QM)                    * Vascular-interventional (VI)   

* Bone Densitometry (BD)                        * Others as approved by the Board

You will not send in CE documentation unless audited by the Board, retain CE information for your own records. You should retain ALL records for at least three (3) renewal cycles. Three (3) renewal cycles is equal to six (6) years.

All CE must be RCEEM (recognized continuing education evaluation mechanism) eligible and acceptable as registry appropriate contact hours. (If not accepted by your national registry it will not be accepted by the NDMIRTB.)

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