The North Dakota Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Board (NDMIRTB) is a nine-member board appointed by the Governor of North Dakota.  The NDMIRTB was established in 2015 by the ND Legislative Assembly. Five Board members must be licensed in the areas of radiography, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine technology, sonography, magnetic resonance imaging, and medical imaging or radiation therapy education; one member must be a licensed radiologist; one member must be a medical physicist; and one member must be a public member. Each board member serves a term of four years. No member may serve more than two successive terms on the board.

ND Century Code (Law) and Administrative Code (Rules)

The Board is governed by the Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Section 43-62 of the North Dakota Century Code and Title 114 of the Administrative Rules and Regulations which are published in the North Dakota Administrative Code. The Administrative Rules and enforceable by law under the jurisdiction of sections 43-40-16 and 43-40-18 of the North Dakota Century Code.  The Century Code and Administrative Rules govern the licensure of medical imaging and radiation therapy professional in the State of North Dakota and provide a penalty for noncompliance.

Mission Statement

The mission of the North Dakota Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Board is to license and regulate personnel performing Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy to protect the health and safety of the citizens of North Dakota. This includes the establishment, review, and upholding standards to protect the public and to guide the profession.

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