Standards related to professional accountability

NDAC 114-04

1. A licensee is responsible and accountable to practice according to the standards of practice and code of ethics recognized by the board and the profession.

a. It is not the setting or the position title that determines a practice role, but rather the application of knowledge.

b. The licensee performs procedures for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes dependently through the prescription of a licensed practitioner.

c. The licensee practices within the legal boundaries through the scope of practice authorized by North Dakota Century Code chapter 43-62 and this title.

2. A licensee shall perform according to practice standards of the modality as established by the:

a. Alliance of cardiovascular professionals;

b. American college of radiology;

c. American institute of ultrasound in medicine;

d. American society of radiologic technologists;

e. American society of echocardiography;

f. International society for clinical densitometry;

g. Society of diagnostic medical sonography;

h. Society of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging;

i. Society for vascular ultrasound;

j. Sonography Canada; and

k. A successor organization or the equivalent as recognized by the board.

3. The practice standards include the following:

a. Bone densitometry;

b. Cardiac electrophysiology;

c. Cardiac-interventional;

d. Cardiovascular invasive;

e. Computed tomography;

f. Limited x-ray machine operator (refer to Appendix A of chapter 114-02-01);

g. Magnetic resonance imaging;

h. Mammography;

i. Nuclear medicine;

j. Positron emission tomography;

k. Quality management;

I. Radiography;

m. Radiologist assistant;

n. Radiation therapy;

o. Sonography;

p. Vascular interventional technology; and

q. Other practice standards as recognized by the board.

History: Effective: April 1, 2018

General Authority: NDCC 43-62

Law Implemented: NDCC 43-62-14(2)(3)(4), 43-62-15

Recognized by NDMIRTB:

NDMIRTB recognized Scope of Practice Organizations


Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals


American College of Radiology


American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine


American Society of Radiologic Technologists


American Society of Echocardiography


International Society for Clinical Densitometry


Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography


Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging


Society for Vascular Ultrasound


Sonography Canada


A successor organization or the equivalent as recognized by the board


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