Public Notice of Disciplinary Actions

The following disciplinary actions have been taken by the ND Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Board in the past three years:


Date of Bd. action      Name  Lic.#   Primary License   Complaint #     Action taken        Effective date of action    Resource 
8/24/2017 Thomas Mohr 1329 Radiographer 2017-01 Temporary license issued with conditions  9/21/2017-12/31/2019
All requirements completed.
12/17/2021 Rebecca Wamberg 2108 Radiographer 2021-01 Restricted license issued 1/13/2022 with conditions 12/20/2021  Agreement 
01/06/2023 Alyssa Hovet 499 Radiographer 2022-01 3-year probation.until 12/31/2025; $1000 fine; 8.75 hours of required courses within 45 days; submit verification of reading required documents. 04/10/2023 Agreement
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