Brief Overview:

North Dakota Law 43-62 requires licensure and appropriate registry for individuals practicing the following; (if actively practicing more than one modality MUST have current and appropriate registry in each) as a:

Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Radiation Therapist, Radiographer, Radiologist Assistant, Sonographer, Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist, Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist (RCIS), Registered Cardiac Electrophysiology Specialist (RCES).

All applicants MUST:

  1. complete an online application. The paper application is no longer accepted.
  2. submit appropriate fees
    • The board will be accepting either Credit Card or Check/Money Order Payments. There will be a delay in processing the application when paying by Check/Money Order due to the delay in receiving payment. Applications will not be approved until payment has been received.
  3. have the appropriate registry or working toward completing the appropriate registry(s) - (A copy of the registry card must be uploaded to your licensure account. If your registry no longer issues registry cards, you must still send the board office a proof of primary source verification from your National Registry Website. The board is not going to verify each individual registry due to the number of licensees being over 1,500.)
  4. Complete a required Criminal History Records Check (A ND license will NOT be issued until the state and federal background checks are received and/or reviewed. Please be honest when completing the questionnaire, a YES answer does not disqualify you from licensure.)

Criminal History Records Check (CHRC) Process: 

NDAC 114-03-02-01. Criminal history record checks.
1. An applicant shall submit a set of fingerprints to the board or its agent for the purpose of obtaining a state and federal criminal history record check in the manner provided by North Dakota Century Code section 12-60-24 and as set forth by the board. 

The forms MUST be returned to the Board office after completed along with a check or money order for $41.25 payable to the ND Attorney General. (Smudged fingerprints, incomplete forms or delays in returning the forms will result in delays in becoming licensed.)

Once the completed CHRC forms are received, they are mailed to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) for processing. (BCI will NOT accept forms from you, only from the Board.) If your fingerprints are not smudge and rejected (needing to redone); it generally takes about 2-4 weeks before those results are returned to the Board office.

The background checks are done through the FBI. The Board cannot “speed up” the process with BCI or FBI. The Board also cannot accept a copy of a previously completed background check from the applicant, employer, or employment agency in lieu of the Board’s own background check. The Board will not issue a license until the results of the Criminal History Record Checks Request are received.

The license must be issued within 6 months of completing the application and background check. Beyond 6 months, may require you to complete a new application with another fee and/or complete a new background check with another fee.

Start the Application Process

To assist applicants in finding the right application for licensure we have provided a step-by-step process to guide you. Start Application Guide

This process CANNOT be rushed or expedited!
Please be honest and self-report convictions: criminal history, alcohol/drug abuse, mental health issues or disciplinary actions.
There are not necessarily a disqualification from licensure.


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