Statement of Board Purpose

The North Dakota Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Board is statutorily created and delegated with the authority to regulate the profession of medical imaging and radiation therapy in the interest of protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the public. With necessary oversight by government, the board enforces standards and criteria set forth in statute and adds specificity through the promulagation of regulations.

The effectiveness and efficiences of the board is enhanced by populating the board with a consumer member and members with the necessary expertise to address the complexities of the profession specific issues. An administrative regulatory system provides consumers with an assurance of the qualifications of licensees and a means of enforcement for the benefit of the public. 

Current Board Members:

Amy Hofmann, Chair
Clinical Instructor
Bismarck, ND 
2nd term ends 7/31/2026

Ryan Kalmoe
Medical Physicist
Fargo, ND 
1st term ends 7/31/2027

Kayla Moore, Secretary/Treasurer
Radiation Therapy
Harwood, ND
2nd term ends 7/31/2025

Melanie Murra
Nuclear Medicine Technology
Horace, ND
1st term ends 7/31/2023

Ryan Hegge
Bismarck, ND 
1st term ends 7/31/2027

Tara Wagner
Bismarck, ND
2nd term ends 7/31/2026

Amanda Grocott
Kindred, ND
1st term ends 7/31/2026

Vacant Position
Rural Physician

William Thompson
Public Member
Bismarck, ND 
1st term ends 7/31/2023

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