NDCC 43-62 are the laws that govern medical imaging and radiation therapy practice and is adopted and amended by the State Legislature. A license to practice medical imaging and radiation therapy is a right and responsibility granted by the State of North Dakota to protect those in need of medical imaging and radiation therapy services.  All licensees have a duty to understand the law and keep their practice in line with any changes in the law.

Administrative Rules - Effective 4/1/2020

ND Administrative Code are the rules promulgated by the Board with subsequent approval by the Attorney General’s Office and the Administrative Rules Committee of the legislature.  Once enacted, administrative code has the full force and effect of ND law.

How is Administrative Code different than the Law?  Administrative Code further clarifies and defines the laws. The Board cannot provide legal advice. However, the administrative code and laws are straightforward, leaving little room for interpretation.

For your convenience, you may download the entire laws and regulations book. 

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