Renew your license by 12/31/2023!

2024-2025 Renewal Notice for Medical Imaging & Radiation Therapy Licenses

PLEASE READ THIS NOTICE FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR ND LICENSE! Your license to practice as a medical imaging professional in ND expires December 31, 2023. To renew, go to the Board’s website, This does NOT renew any temporary or conditional licenses. Carefully read the important information below and on the renewal page,, before renewing online. Failure to read the information may result in an incomplete or late renewal. 

Your license will expire December 31, 2023, if not renewedRenewing only your national registration (ARRT, ARDMS, etc.) does not allow you to legally practice in North Dakota. To continue practicing medical imaging and radiation therapy, you must also renew your license in North Dakota.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT USING ONLINE RENEWAL – The Board recommends that you use a desktop or laptop computer to complete the online renewal. Mobile devices do not always work the best with the application. You should use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browsers to renew online. Some browsers, especially Safari and Firefox, do not support the online renewal.

Prior to beginning the online renewal application, please ensure you have the correct information and documents to upload:
*To login to the online renewal, you will need your NDMIRTB license number, and your last name on file with the Board. Your license number is NOT your national registry (ARRT, ARDMS, CCI, NMTCB, etc.) number.  If you do not know your license number, you may find it by verifying your license. Enter only your first and/or last name to find your license number. If you are unable to login, please contact the Board office. 

*This year you will be required to set up a password instead of entering the last four digits of your SSN. This is for security purposes to protect your identity. You will need to do this before logging into the renewal. The link to set up a password,  You may already have set up a password if you recently applied or updated your information online. DO NOT CALL the Board office if you forgot your password. The Board office CANNOT tell you the password as we cannot see it. If you forgot your password, you will need to click “Forgot password” to reset.  

  1. *A copy of your current registry card(s) or status from their website with a national certifying agency (ARRT, ARDMS, CCI, NMTCB, etc.). You are required to have your current registry information on file with the Board at all times.
  2. *If you are adding/changing/removing a CE compliant modality, you will need to have a letter from your supervisor/manager explaining the change of practice to upload.
  3. *If you answer “Yes” to any of the questions in the Personal Background History, an explanation and any relevant documentation as requested at the end of that section must be submitted with your renewal application. Documentation should include a criminal judgment for all convictions.
  4. *If you are licensed as a RCIS/RCES, general diagnostic operator, a fluoroscopy technologist, LXMO, bone densitometry technologist only, or hold a grandfathered license in a primary modality, you MUST submit continuing education with this renewal. You must upload the CE certificates during the online renewal process. This requirement is in accordance with the CE letter that was mailed to you shortly after your original license was issued from the Board office. 

*Once you complete the renewal, you will receive an email when the Board approves your license. It is important to keep your email and other contact information updated at all times. License certificates are not mailed out, but you may login and print it from the Board’s website, Licensee Print Licensure Card.

You are required to renew online. Paper renewals are no longer available.

CONTINUING EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS FOR MODALITIES (Only required for radiographers if they are practicing additional modalities – such as CT, mammography, bone densitometry, etc.) All licensees with an additional modality are now required to obtain 5 hours of continuing education appropriate and relevant to EACH modality in addition to your primary modality in which CURRENTLY practicing. If you are practicing two modalities, such as CT and mammography, you will need 10 hours, 5 hours in each modality. Continuing education is not in excess of what is already required by your national registry. Continuing education must be approved credits accepted by your registry as appropriate. Licensees must keep a record of their CE. Do not send in your CE unless requested for a random audit. For more information, review the information under the Cont inuing Education tab on the website.

LATE RENEWALSThe late fee amount will depend on if you are practicing after January 1, 2024.
Expired license but not practicing late fee: $50 additional fee if postmarked on or between January 2 and March 1. 
Continued practice with an expired license late fee: $150 additional fee if postmarked on or between January 2 and March 1.

All renewal information is available at the Board’s website, Please contact the Board office if you have any questions.


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