Continuing Education Compliance

NDCC 43-62-14(3), NDAC 114-02-01-04 states “An individual must be continuing education compliant in each modality of practice and may practice in more than one modality and all the modalities will be acknowledged on the license.”

The CE hours must be within the Board’s current licensure cycle. These hours are NOT in addition to your registry hours. All CE must be RCEEM eligible and acceptable as registry appropriate contact hours.(If not accepted by your national registry it will not be accepted by the NDMIRTB.)

An example, if you have 5 CE hours related to CT, you may submit those to both your registry AND the NDMIRTB; reminder the CE hours must be obtained during the NDMIRTB biennial (two-year) licensure cycle.

You will not send in CE documentation unless audited by the Board, retain CE information for your own records. –this does not apply to general diagnostic operators (GDO) or grandfathered licensees; those licensees must submit records upon each renewal as their requirements are unique to their individual practice. NDCC 43-62-14(7) and NDAC 114-02-01-10, 114-02-02-03.

You are required to be CE compliant ONLY in those modalities you are currently practicing

NDAC 114-02-01-04 states (5) five hours for EACH of those which you practice but those hours may be the same hours submitted to your registry.

This is a requirement for your state license renewal and is also ND Law. Travels (locum tenens) must also adhere to this state law if renewing their ND license.

North Dakota Administrative Rule:

NDAC 114-02-02-04(6)(7)(8) Continuing education requirement for relicensure:
6. A licensee who does not meet the continuing education requirements for maintaining certification and registration, or if the continuing education is not properly approved, or if the licensee fails to provide verification of completion of the required continuing education:

a. May be placed on probation and given sixty days to complete the required continuing education, and as applicable, provide evidence of current certification and registration by a certification organization to qualify for a license.

b. If required continuing education is not completed or the licensee fails to maintain a current certification and registration by an applicable certification organization, the license is considered to be a lapsed license.

7. A licensee who earns in excess of the number of continuing education required during a reporting period may not apply the excess hours to satisfy future continuing education requirements.

8. Continuing education that is required by the board pursuant to a board order may not be accepted by the board to satisfy or partially satisfy the continuing education requirements for license renewal.


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