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The Board may issue a temporary license for no longer than 180 days to an individual, who is a new graduate of a program and is waiting to take the national registry examination or waiting for the results of their examination. New graduates of an sonography or CIS/CES program should apply for a conditional license.

A tempory license can NOT be extended or renewed, if questions please contact the Board office. If you are a traveler or locum tenens, you should apply for an initial license. 

Note: A temporary license will NOT be issued if an applicant is still enrolled in a training program. The applicant MUST have successfully completed the training program before a temporary license will be issued. However, the applicant may begin the application process and the Criminal History background check process to help expedite licensure.

Temporary Licensure Application Process Overview

  • Complete the Application for Temporary Licensure and submit the necessary documents.
  • The Application Fee is $25 and the License Fee is $40.
    • The paper application is no longer accepted as most applications are online. The board will be accepting either Credit Card or Check/Money Order Payments. There will be a delay in processing the application when paying by Check/Money Order due to the delay in receiving payment. Applications will not be approved until payment has been received.
  • The Criminal History background check forms are available online, please refer to the Criminal History Record Check section of the website. The forms MUST be returned to the office. (Incomplete forms or delays in returning this form will result in delays in becoming licensed.)

    Once the completed Criminal History Background check forms are received, they are mailed to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) for processing. It generally takes about 2-3 weeks before those results are returned to the Board office. This CANNOT be rushed or expedited!

Note: If the background check results are clear and all documents have been received, the license may be issued.

Prior to beginning the application please ensure you have all the correct documents.

  • A copy of your citizenship documentation (Social Security Card, US Passport, US birth certificate, foreign VISA or permission to work in the US). A driver's license is NOT acceptable documentation.
  • If you answered "Yes" to any of the questions in the Personal Background History, an explanation and any relevant documentation as requested at the end of that section must be submitted with the application. If you cannot send a copy of the criminal judgment, please include that in your explanation.
  • If you are military spouse, you must provide a copy of a military issued ID noting relationship to the military member and the orders of the active military member spouse.
  • Notarized letter or official transcript. The applicant or program director MUST send a notarized letter (NO sooner than ONE month/30 days prior to completion of program) stating successful completion of the training program. Or the applicant can have an official and final transcript sent directly from the college. If you don't have either please upload a a word document explaining which of the documents will be sent. For any questions, please contact the board office.

To transition your Temporary to a full license:

  • Successfully pass the registry exam.
  • Complete the Transitioning Temporary License Application that includes a $110 fee.
  • Submit a copy of your current registry card(s) with a national certifying agency (ARRT, ARDMS, etc.). If your registry no longer issues registry cards, you must still send the board office a proof of primary source verification from your National Registry Website. The board is not going to verify each individual registry due to the number of licensees being over 1,500.
  • ATTENTION! All licenses expire by December 31 of the odd-numbered years. If your temporary license was issued in an odd-numbered year, you may wait until after September 1 of the odd-numbered year to transition your license so you do not have to pay again to renew. If you do transition your license before September 1, you will be required to renew. 

Conditional and Temporary License Holders will not need to complete another Criminal History background check when they transition to full licensure.

Save for Later

During online application, please do not use the back button in your browser. To make a change to answers on a previous page or to review your application before submitting, please use the "Save for Later" button to save your application, log back in and access and review the previous pages. If at any time you wish to exit the process, please click the "Exit" button located at the bottom of the page.

If you will be away from your computer for any period of time after starting your online application, it is strongly advised that you click on the "Save for Later" button located at the bottom of each page to minimize the risk of losing the data that you have input into the system. You can then log back into the application at a later time.

Application for Initial Licensure

If you have already graduated and received your registry exam results or registry card, or if you are already licensed or practicing in another state and wish to practice in ND permanently or as a traveler, you will complete the Application for Initial Licensure. If you are a Traveler (locums tenens) please use the Application for Initial Licensure to apply for licensure in ND.

Application for Conditional Licensure

If you graduated from a sonography or Cardiovascular invasive specialist (CIS) or Cardiac electrophysiology specialist (CES) program and actively working to fulfill requirements for registry with ARRT, ARDMS, Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI), or taking the ND state administered exam, you will complete the Application for Conditional Licensure.

You may now proceed to the: Online Temporary Licensure Application

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