Renewal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy License

Renewals opening September 2023

All medical imaging and radiation therapy licenses expire 12/31/2023! Please do not use your mobile devices to renew as they do not always work properly with the online application.

You must renew your license with the online application and fees by 12/31/2023, to avoid expiration and additional fees. You MUST renew your license to continue to practice. It is illegal to practice without a current license. Remember that the renewal is a document that requires you to be truthful and any dishonesty on the application may be subject to disciplinary action against your license.


It is illegal to practice without a current license.

Renewal Fees

$150 total - Renewal fee

$200 total - Late biennial renewal fee for an individual not practicing and is not currently licensed: biennial renewal fee plus an additional $50.00 reinstatement fee, if the application is postmarked on or between January second and March first.

$350 total - Late biennial renewal fee for an individual practicing and is not currently licensed: double biennial renewal fee plus an additional $50.00 reinstatement fee, if the application is postmarked on or between January second and March first.

$75 total - Limited X-ray Operators and Bone Densitometry Technologists

Renewal Requirements

Please read the below information carefully to avoid delays in renewing your license and to keep informed of license requirements.
Please complete the Online Application for Renewal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy License. Each time you renew your registry (ARRT, ARDMS, CCI, NMTCB, etc.), you must send a copy of your new registry to the NDMIRTB office.

Prior to beginning the renewal application, please ensure you have all the correct documents:
*A copy of your current registry card(s) with a national certifying agency (ARRT, ARDMS, etc.). 
*If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions in the Personal Background History, an explanation and any relevant documentation as requested at the end of that section must be submitted with your renewal application. Documentation should include a criminal judgment and may include other relevant documents.

NOTE: Your renewal may be delayed for review by the Board office, Board Chair or wait for a Board meeting IF you have a name change, conviction within the last 2 years, have a grandfathered license, not current with your registry, or have other unique situations.

License Certificates

Printing Your License Certificate: Once you have renewed, you will receive a receipt showing your license is renewed. You may print your license certificate.  If you have problems with printing the certificate, please contact the Board office.

Continuing Education (CE)


Primary Modalities

Those licensed as radiographers, sonographers, MRI technologists, radiation therapists, nuclear medicine technologists, radiologist assistant are required to earn hours in accordance with their registry. NDCC 43-62-14(3), NDAC 114-02-01-04 states: An individual must be continuing education compliant in each modality of practice and may practice in more than one modality and all the modalities will be acknowledged on the license.

You will not send in CE documentation unless audited by the Board, retain CE information for your own records. Continuing education for license is not in excess of the hours you already earn for national registry (ARRT, ARDMS, CCI, NMTCB, etc.)! You are required to be CE compliant ONLY in those modalities you are currently practicing. NDAC 114-02-01-04 states (5) five hours for EACH of those which you practice but those hours may be the same hours submitted to your registry. Travels (locum tenens) must also adhere to this state law if renewing their ND license.

LXMO & BD Operators

Limited x-ray operators (LXMO), bone densitometry operators, fluoroscopy technologists, general diagnostic operators (GDO), or grandfathered licensees must upload certificates of the earned continuing education. The CE requirements are unique to their individual practice. Those licensees must submit continuing education for every renewal. For the LXMO and BD Operator the tweleve (12) hours of CE must be within the current licensure cycle and be relevant to your practice as a LXMO or bone densitometry operator.  All documentation MUST be submitted upon each renewal. Additional information: See NDCC 43-62-14(7) and NDAC 114-02-01-10, 114-02-02-03.

RCIS/RCES (Cath Lab)

RCIS/RCES CE Compliance: NDAC 114-02-01-05 and 114-02-01-06 -Biennially (two-year) shall complete (12) twelve hours of fluoroscopy safety and relevant radiation protection continuing education; must be RCEEM eligible and acceptable as registry appropriate contact hours. (If not accepted by your national registry it will not be accepted by the NDMIRTB.) All documentation MUST be submitted upon each renewal.

Grandfathered Licenses

Grandfathered primary modality licensees, Fluoroscopy Technologists and General Diagnostic Operators have unique continuing education requirement set and approved by the Board, due upon each renewal cycle. These licensees have already received their unique requirements in a letter from the Board. All documentation MUST be submitted upon each renewal. If you do not remember your specific CE requirements, you may view your CE requirements on the Licensee Dashboard page.

You are required to submit your CE with each renewal cycle!

Your CE must be in the current licensure cycle beginning January 1 of the even-numbered years and ending December 31 of the odd-numbered years. Additonal information: Grandfathering Board authority and requirements of renewal for General Diagnostic Operators NDCC 43-62-14(7); NDAC 114-02-01-10 and 114-02-02-03)


Login Tips

Beginning this renewal you will now be required to login using a password. If you have not already created a password please visit the Account Registration Form to set up prior to beginning the renewal. If you do not know your license number, you may find it by Verifying your license. Enter only your first and/or last name to find your license number. If you are unable to login, please contact the Board office.

Program Compatibility

This program may not be compatible with certain browser on Apple devices including MAC, iphones and ipads. If you need to use an apple product, please do not use Safari. It is preferable to use a desktop when completing online renewals or printing certificates.

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