Reinstating an Expired License

If your North Dakota license has expired and you wish to practice medical imaging in North Dakota again, you will need to submit an Application for Reinstatement of License and pay the $200 fee for reinstatement. The fee must be paid by credit card and is not refundable.  Along with your application, please upload your current national registry card or online verification.

If your license expired more than 2 full renewal periods (one renewal period is 2 full years) ago, you are no longer eligible for reinstatement and will need to apply with the Initial License Application again.

To look up your license number: Go to the Online Verification Page and enter your last name and your license number should come up. You may also try using your first name but it must be exactly the same as we have recorded in the database. Example: If your legal name is Katherine, but you used Kate to apply for your license; you must search with Kate, as that is what will match to our database. 

If licensed in another state, you must provide verification directly from that state(s) of an unrestricted and unencumbered license in accordance with ND Administrative Code 114-02-02-02.

Some of the Criminal History background check forms are NOW available online, please refer to the Criminal History Record Check section of the website. You will need to complete the forms and send them back to the Board office to be processed. The background check is processed by the ND BCI office and generally takes 2 weeks to get the results. The processing is done through the FBI and cannot be expedited or rushed. The license will not be reinstated until the background check results are returned.

The license must be reinstated within 6 months of completing the application and background check. Beyond 6 months, may require you to complete a new application with another fee and/or complete a new background check with another fee. 

Questions please contact the Board office at

Online Application Tips: The Board advises that when using the website, completing an application, or logging into a form on the website, you should be using a desktop or laptop computer. Website features do not always function correctly with all mobile devices. You should also be using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, the two most compatible browsers. The Board’s applications work best in those browsers. If issues or problems occur, please email the Board office an explanation of the error, include the type of device and browser you were using, and a screenshot of the error or problem, if possible. The Board office will do our best to correct any issues. Make sure to add the Board’s email,, to your “Safe Sender’s List” to keep updated on Board notices.


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