The 9-member Board issues licenses for the following medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals: radiographer, sonographer, nuclear medical technologist, radiation therapist, radiologist assistant, magnetic resonance imaging technologist, registered cardiovascular invasive specialist (RCIS), and registered cardiac electrophysiology specialist (RCES). All Board members are appointed by the ND Governor. The Board's ultimate purpose is protection of the public through the licensure and regulation of those performing medical imaging and radiation therapy services. For more information on the Board, go to About the Board.

Statement of Purpose:

The North Dakota Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Board is statutorily created and delegated with the authority to regulate the profession of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy in the interest of protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the public.  With necessary oversight by government, the board enforces standards and criteria set forth in statute and adds specificity through the promulgation of regulations.

The effectiveness and efficiencies of the board is enhanced by populating the board with a combination of a consumer member as well as those with the necessary expertise to address the complexities of the profession specific issues.  An administrative regulatory system provides consumers with an assurance of the qualifications of licensees and a means of enforcement for the benefit of the public.

Verification and Licensee List

All licenses can be verified through the Online Verification System. The verification does include active and expired permanant licenses, conditional licenses and temporary licenses.

Request for Verification of License You may request a written verification to be emailed or mailed to an employer, agency, or another state.

Request a List of Licensees You may request a list of licensees for continuing education, employment, and research purposes.


Filing a Complaint Learn about what a violation is and who determines if it is a violation.

Complaint Form and Process Print and complete a complaint form to submit to the Board. Learn about the complaint process.

Disciplinary Actions

Board Disciplinary Actions Find out which licensees have disciplinary actions taken by the Board.

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